Transcribed from a hand written record

Joined Imperial Airways 25 September 1933 as Commercial Trainees:

H A Durawala, Douglas Grey, John Maspero, Geoffrey Pett, Ian Scott-Hill, Ross Stainton, Sunny Sunduram, Edwin Whitfield

Movements for Geoffrey Pett

from London/Croydon Sep 1934 to Operating Croydon (Cro)

from Operating Cro Jan 1935 to Accounts Cro

from Accounts Cro 1st April 1935 to Passenger London (Lo)

from London 9 October 1935 to Brindisi

  • by Anson G-ACRN. Stationed there were Denis(?) Bustard, Pat Montague-Bates, Ross Stainton & Stephen Broad

from Brindisi 7 Aug 1936 to London 9 Aug 1936

on Leave then TMO London 31 Aug 1936

from TMO Lo 12 Sep 1936 to Rochester

  • as Flight Clerk for takeover and delivery of F/B G-ADUT to Alexandria [Centaurus]

from Rochester 12 Dec 1936 to Alexandria 16 Dec 1936

from Alexandria 18 Dec 1936 to Nairobi 21 Dec 1936

S/O Pett from Nairobi 19th May 1937 to Lindi (via DAR) 26 May 1937

from Lindi 3 June 1938 to Nairobi 5 June 1938

from Nairobi 17 June 1938 to Butiaba 18 June 1938

from Butiaba 8 Sept 1938 to Juba (Rejaf) 12 Sep 1938

T/O2 Pett from Juba 22 Apr 1939 to Khartoum

  • Clyde Purnell was S/Supt and Pat Bates Asst S/S

from Khartoum to UK 21 June 1939

  • for 96 days home leave

from leave 25 Sep 1939 to Bristol

from Bristol 14 Oct 1939 to reopen Victoria Air Terminal

from UK 6 Dec 1939 to Alexandria

  • Stn Supt.:  A Thomson till 25 May 1940, then G Pett
  • Staff at Ras El Tin (Alexandria) included: T/O D Grey, T/A AJR Murray, T/A ERF Anderson, T/A Michael Clapham. Trainees – Ken McGregor, Keith Cockerell, David Forbes, Roddy Barton, Basil Bamfylde, Oliver Hove, Bill Queckett

T/O Pett from Alexandria 16 Oct 1940 to Cairo (as Stn Supt.)

from Cairo (Rod el Farag) 4 Dec 1940 to Cairo HQ

  • other station staff in Dec 1940 were Tr K Cockerell, T/A Gandolfo, T/O Brian Nelson

from Cairo 13 Jan 1941 to Khartoum

from Khartoum 19 Mar 1941 to Juba

  • T/A O Hove was in Juba June-Aug 1941; T/O A Watts was relieving at Juba and Malakal during Sep/Oct 1941

from Juba 24 Nov 1941 to Khartoum (Wadi Saidna)

  • T/A Cockerell was at Khartoum Oct-Dec 1941 covering leave for various Khartoum staff
  • T/O B Nelson was still S/S Khartoum May 1942
  • Gregson, Shillitoe & Barton were also ‘around’ Khartoum Sept 1942
  • T/O G Boughton still in Khartoum Oct 1942

from Khartoum 9 Oct 1942 to Cairo

  • T/O D Paton at Kampala Apr 1943

from Cairo 25 Oct 1944 to UK (Lynham) posted as MCO Europe

BOAC European Region created Jan 1945 and included: Maurice Curtis (Commercial Manager) Harry Matheson (Traffic Supt. Europe) and George Boughton, Geoffrey Gibbons, Douglas Grey, Peter Shillitoe, Ian Scott-Hill and Geoffrey Pett inter alia.

Note: there are many records of other staff transfers in the original documents from which these are taken.

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