White Water Landings was available to reviewers from April 2015.  If you would like a review copy, please complete the form below.

Nancy Thames, author, reviewing the ebook ARC on Goodreads, gives it 5 stars (April 15):

An interesting recollection of the life of the author’s father Geoffrey Pett working for Britain’s flagship airline between the two world wars. Geoffrey served as an Imperial Airways ground services employee in the 1930s in Africa. The book reminded me of overseas life in Morocco when I was a child in the fifties. A carefully orchestrated account!

Rebecca Douglass, author and real-life librarian, reviewing the paperback (bought by her) on her blog (May 15):

I enjoyed the story very much, and can recommend it to history buffs and particularly anyone interested in the history of flight. It combines a detailed view of what was done with a certain  authenticity that, for me, made it more compelling than a plain history. (Read the full review)

Derek Flavin, a purchaser of the paperback from Amazon.co.uk gives it 5 stars (June 15) and says:

This is a wonderful read, full of interesting facts of early pioneers of aviation, its not just must for anyone interested in planes, but a really well written and fascinating account of how airways began.


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