Thank you to everyone who took part in one of our giveaways over the launch period.  Most of the winners have been in the USA, but one was in the Caribbean and another in Europe.  If you enjoy the book, it would be very helpful if you leave a review somewhere others will see it.

I’m currently planning a summer of visiting air museums in the UK, to discuss whether they would like to take copies of the book for their shops.  Of course, if they’d like me to do a book signing at an open day I’d probably be delighted!  I had a few set-backs in trying to contact various organisations (some associated with museums) to offer them a review copy of the book, but copies are still available to aviation societies and journals, and I’ll do a big push during the summer so that reviews might appear in the autumn/Christmas editions.

The ebook will be on offer on and later this month.  I am planning a ‘Countdown deal’ running from 18th to 24th June, which covers Fathers Day in the UK and USA, as well as finishing on what would have been Geoffrey’s 100th birthday.  I’ll post details later.

I tried an Amazon giveaway in May.  This was interesting, as it allowed people who visited the page to enter for a chance of winning one of three copies of the book.  Since nobody entered, it didn’t cost me a thing, although Amazon do charge up front, and then refund in full.  I have yet to see whether the bank has charged me currency fees on both transactions, though.  I didn’t promote this much when I realised it was only open to US residents.  I am delighted if US readers like it, but I think most of the readers will be in South Africa, UK and Australia.  If I can get a promotion that targets those areas, I’ll do it, but most of my efforts should go to specialist journals and websites, I think. It was good to try out the concept, though I probably won’t do it again with anything but a really popular genre!

If you read a journal that you think would review the book, please let me know the contact details.

Promotions – ended and planned

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