It’s been a year since I last had anything to say, and I haven’t really got anything to add.

It’s been such a difficult year for everyone so far this year I’m just glad you’re here to read this note!

All is well, lots of changes have taken place, and I can’t believe it’s fifteen years since Geoffrey died. I know there are people who’ve asked for copies of photographs. Recently I’ve not been in a position to do anything about this. Maybe there’ll be time this winter, when I also have access to everything needed to sort them out, too.

If you’re interested in flying, don’t forget to check out all the usual airshows and the Shuttleworth Collection, since they are doig great things to put on virtual displays you can stream. I watched one of the Shuttleworth’s airshows and it was great fun. I did visit the Collection last year, but never had time to tell you about it as events overtook me.

Jimmy McCudden's plane rebuilt
Jimmy McCudden’s plane rebuilt

Maybe one day I’ll finish a planned post about Jimmy McCudden, and tell you what I discovered relating to him at Shuttleworth, too. Geoffrey says in the book (during his interview for Imperial Airways) that he’s related in some way ‘second cousin or suchlike.’ I don’t know that anyone has been able to verify that yet!

Hope you’re keeping well.

No news is good news
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One thought on “No news is good news

  • August 9, 2020 at 11:19 am

    NIce to hear from you again, and the good words about the Shuttleworth Collection corroborate my feelings. I have taken many friends and family and hardly a grumble over many years. The vintage cars and the buses (especially to ride on) are winners, I usually relax in the Swiss Garden, and in more recent times I have visited Shuttleworth Hall – it bit bigger than my abode! Technical pundits can visit the preservation hangars – usually out of bounds – on a limited attendees basic around New Year. The work they do is remarkable, and the aircraft of course totally unique.

    Sadly – no facilities for flying boats!

    Kind regards


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